New Cliff Walks

When I say new, they are new to us having been discovered recently thanks to the publicity surrounding the ‘best hike in Europe’ assigned to the cliff top walks along this part of the Algarvian Coast.



Benagil – Marinha


The walk from Benagil to Marinha takes about 40 mins with a 1hr 20 mins return trip. (very dependent on the stoppage time for photos).



Marinha-AlbandeiraThe walk from Marinha to Albandeira is possibly even more spectacular than the previous walk and has the added advantage of a beach cafe/bar in Albandeira that offers great refreshments, lunch. The beach is usually quiet and calm and a great place to swim if the sea is not rough.






Albandeira – Senhora de Rocha



The last stretch (for now) is the longer and more difficult stretch to Senhore de Rocha with a delightful chapel on a rocky outcrop on the periphery of the sun resort Armaco de Pera. There is a welcome cafe/bar to look forward to and the length of the walk is dependent on how close you stay to the cliffs. Lots of sharp inlets mean many stretches inland to move from headland to headland. Walk can be as short as an hour each way if you stay inland a bit.

On the other side of Carvoeiro you can walk towards the west, all the way to Ferragudo if you like. However, this walk is only recommended for the true hiker / adventurer as there are few ways to depart once you’;ve started and the terrain is rough. The coastal walk from the back of the Mar d’Fora to Val de Lapa took us a couple of hours and thats less than halfway to Ferragudo.

Carvoeiro – Ferragudo



The gallery below shows more stunning views from the area and after that a couple of 360 panoramas which perhaps give an even greater appreciation of the rugged beauty of the area.

360 Cliff Walk Images