Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night

A flower, Kadupul, sometimes described as the most expensive plant in the world exists at the entrance to Casa Luessa. The plant , often known as Queen of the Night or Flower of Heaven ,does not flower every year. When it does so it blooms at night,  for one night only going from a tight closed bud to full bloom to lifeless drooping bud over the space of a few hours, perhaps peaking around 2 or 3 am.

We have been at the villa to see this event twice. Once 3 years ago in June and for the second time last September.

To see a time lapse photography sequence of this event recorded by a professional photographer, in the plants native Sri Lanka. See the following.

Maybe you will be lucky during your visit to the villa….Unfortunately there are no guarantees. If you ae lucky it really is a marvellous sight and well worth staying up with a few glasses of wine to bear witness.

Good Luck !